1940 Ford Truck – Hadfield’s Hauler

Black and red are two colors that never go out of style. Whether it be flames, two-tone, or even a solid exterior color with the contrasting pigment hiding inside the cab, the combination of red and black is classic. A 66-year-old pickup is also classic, especially when draped in the aforementioned hues. Dale Hadfield is the proud owner of this 1940 Ford truck, and with a gloss black exterior and lipstick-red leather interior the street rod looks like it rolled right out the ’50s cruisin’ era.

As a landscape architect in Laguna Niguel, California, Dale sees all types of heavy-duty trucks purpose-built to haul all types of dirt, trees, and debris. Originally, that is what Ford built these trucks to do: haul. After 3-1/2 years and an “unknown” cost, Dale jokingly says the only thing his ’40 hauls anymore is pillows. For good reason, as the frame-off restoration resulted in a top-notch rod any truck owner would be proud to own.

Starting with the chassis, Rod Benders of Lake Forest, California, modified the TCI frame to accept Air Ride Technologies Shockwave airbags in the front, with a Mustang II setup dropping the nose over the 15-inch Steelie wheels. Out back, the Shockwave ‘bags add pneumatic adjustment to the Rod Benders triangulated four-link. Each line for the brakes and the ‘bags is polished stainless, the frame and four-link are powdercoated black and red, and the 20-gallon fuel cell is wedged in between the rear rails. Powering the ’40 Ford is a ’92 LT1 350ci V-8 equipped with a retro-style “3 Deuces” fuel injection from Mooneyes with fast-burn heads, Street and Performance headers, and Dynomax mufflers. A 9-inch Ford rear keeps the power to the ground, and 3.55 gears ensure quick acceleration stoplight-to-stoplight. Sending that power to the ground is a 700-R4 tranny with a Driveline Specialties driveshaft.

Inside the 66-year-old truck lies a Glide Engineering lipstick-red, leather-covered bench seat, with red carpet and red headliner by Radillo Coachworks in Costa Mesa, California. Mooneye gauges send vital signs through chrome rings and a black dash with Von Dutch-style pinstriping by Jeff Overman of Lake Forest. Supplying the tunes for Dale’s cruises are Polk Audio speakers in the kick panels, two MTX amplifiers, and a Secret Audio head unit. The steering wheel is a 1938 banjo-style from a Ford passenger car. The real magic lies with the doors shut, when a good once-over of the exterior is had.

South County Auto Body, in Lake Forest, straightened all of the steel body panels, eliminated the tailgate chains, and added the third brake light to the back of the cab. With the primer applied, on went coat after coat of PPG black. South County Auto Body also installed the polished stainless bumpers and updated grille. Pinstriping was again handled by Jeff Overman, and South County covered all of the work in endless clear.

Dale’s truck is a perfect example of what a little custom mixed with a little classic can do for an old truck. Clean and simple, Dale put it best: “Everyone should have an old truck.” You’re right, Dale, as long as it’s as nice as this one.

Original Article: https://www.motortrend.com/reviews/0608tr-1940-ford-truck/

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